About Sybermedica

Sybermedica is a healthcare communications technology company based in Cambridge, UK.
Established in 2006, the venture has become a recognised leader in the area of clinical networking technology, delivering secure communication of diagnostic information between multiple, geographically separated healthcare providers.
The company's 'PACSMail' network permits clinical information (including x-ray and other diagnostic images) to be shared on-line between registered users. Diagnosis can be made within minutes of the scan being taken, cutting the time to diagnosis and allowing immediate booking for in-patient treatment where required.
The system has particular value where the delivery of clinical services requires the collection and communication of medical images such as CT and MRI scans.
Sybermedica's technology is widely used in a range of clinical settings, notably in sports and orthopaedic medicine where it is used to ensure remote access to expert medical opinion, wherever injury occurs.
Efficiency gains for healthcare providers include faster turnaround of diagnostic procedures, lower travel costs and a reduction in associated carbon emissions. The system also enables providers to gain market share by offering their services to a wider customer base and also to support existing patient’s as they travel around the world.