Connecting your  Imaging Source to PACSMail Cloud

PACSMail Cloud is fully DICOM compliant and allows you to access images from your PACS, imaging modality or CD. You can also use PACSMail to receive/view images from other users and, where needed, export them to your local PACS.

Image Upload

The PACSMail Cloud uploader software includes a DICOM query retrieve module that will search for files, for example on a CD, and then makes a copy of the scan ready for transfer to destination users. This module can also be set up to connect directly to your PACS or imaging modality, allowing query and retrieve of images for ongoing transfer. In order to set this up, you will need to have administrator access to your PACS or modality workstation in order to set  up an 'AE Title' that will enable this query to take place. See Help Pages for further technical details.

You can also set up PACSMail Cloud to 'listen' to your PACS, allowing any PACS or Modality workstation 'push' images to PACSMail users. This is ideal for large imaging departments. Please note that this requires the installation of the PACSMail Services software and we will need to work with your PACS administrator to set this up.

Receiving Reports

Reports are returned automatically to your PACSMail client, from where they can be accessed and added to yuor patient records. Auto-routing of reports to your RIS via HL7 can be set up if required.

Automated Image Routing

PACSMail can be used to transfer images between PACS systems - please contact us for further details.