Annual Acccount Fee

PACSMail users pay a single annual fee to allow them to access the network: the current rate is £380+VAT per account per annum. This allows you to use the PACSMail service to receive files and to transmit reports back to the sender.


File Transfer Charges

Users are charged a fixed amount per file transmitted for reporting. There is no limit to the size of the file and a file may contain multiple scans on the same patient. Charges are normally made to the sending user's PACSMail account which must be in credit at the time of transfer. A 'reverse-charge' option can also be set up, allowing the recipient of a file to pay for the costs of a file transfer.

The following pricing structure applies.


1) Multiple sites to can be set up under a group so they collectively benefit from the discount structure.

2) Prices subject to VAT at the standard rate.

3) Minimum credit purchase is £100+VAT.

4) The charge for auto forwarding is set at the discounted price of 301-400 as shown above.


File Storage Charges

PACSMail Cloud Archive allows scans and report copies to be stored for on-line review. Cloud Archive can also be shared between groups of PACSMail users, making it ideal for collaborative file sharing by radiology, sports club and other consulting practices. The Cloud Archive storage facility is charged annually according to the space required. Please contact us for further details.


Purchasing: You can place an order using the on-line Store or by phone (+44 (0)1223 421996) or e-mail (use the 'Contact Us' menu option on this site). Please let us have an order number if you are purchasing this through an organisation. You will be invoiced for by e-mail. Payments are preferred via BACS or Internet banking. Our bank account details and address for cheque payments are given on the invoice.