PACSMail In Sport

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I use PACSMail to share information with colleagues?

Yes. The PACSMail system allows you to build an electronic record of all scans and reports, indexed according to Patient name, date received etc. You can use the system to forward copies of these records to other PACSMail users, or to receive copies from them as required.

Can I choose which expert reports the scan?

Yes. You can either choose from the list of practitioners who are already signed up to PACSMail or' if your expert is not yet connected, registration and set-up takes just a few minutes of their time.

Who else is using the service?

There is a fast-growing network of users of the PACSmail service with many leading imaging groups having imaging centres connected to the network. The current userbase of PACSMail practitioners includes radiologists, physiotherapists and sports club doctors who use the service on a regular basis to share images and reports within their respective clinical networks.

The service has been used to provide diagnostic services to many of the UK's leading sporting organisations including Premier League football and rugby clubs, the RFU, UKA and English Cricket board.

PACSMail is also being evaluated as a means of sharing data between NHS Trusts, notably for management of tertiary referrals.

Is it secure?

Yes. All PACSMail files are encrypted and transmitted via https to the PACSMail mailbox of the intended recipient. Your PACSMail address is your property and can only be shared with your permission. To read the full Security Statement click on the link below

Security statement