Sybermedica Sponsors Wexham Park Cruciate Ligament Virtual Meeting 

Delegates will be offered a free trial of the new GDPR-compliant PACSMail Cloud Clinical Portal with a range of innovative functions including on-line storage and sharing of fully diagnostic imaging data. 

Conference co-convener Henry Bourke said "we are delighted to have support from Sybermedica at this year's conference. As medicine has adapted to COVID, so the ability to share diagnostic information safely and securely has come to the forefront of healthcare delivery. Sybermedica's PACSMail Cloud is one of the true pioneers of virtual diagnostic imaging. The platform has been hugely succesful in sports medicine and it is now playing and increasingly important role in enabling surgeons to view and share their patient's scans whenever and wherever this is needed".

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Wexham Park Meeting Overview

Despite COVID-19 there is a very clear demand for continued education, We are pleased to announce that convenors Henry Bourke and Ciaran McGarvey, have invited a world-class faculty to take part in the “Virtual” Wexham Park International Cruciate Ligament Meeting on Friday 13th November 2020.

The focus is a practical approach to knee ligament surgery, looking at the latest techniques to repair or reconstruct injured knees in all groups of patients from the recreational sportsperson through to the professional elite athlete.

It is an essential update for all surgeons with an interest in soft tissue knee surgery.

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