Next Generation Speech Recognition comes to PACSMail more

Sybermedica is pleased to announce that it has partnered with UK-based Dictate IT to introduce its Dicate Live speech recognition service to PACSMail users.

The service is easy to set up and  does not need to be trained on individual’s voices to achieve high accuracy recognition. All you need to do is speak into the App on your I-Phone or Android and the text appears in a window on your PC, from where it can be inserted into your report.

The service uses a cloud-based recognition engine and therefore requires an internet connection at all times. Data is AES 256 encrypted in transit and at rest, and no data is left on your phone. The cloud-based speech engine is hosted in the UK at Amazon Web Services' secure London data centre.

Costs: You can try the service free of charge for 2 months to make sure it works for you. After that Dictate charge £40+VAT per month. There is no minimum period and you can cancel at any time.

Click Here to mail us for information on how to start your free trial - Please add 'Dictate' to the subject line.

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