Sybermedica Sponsors London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass at Lords 7/8 Feb

A two day osteotomy masterclass with a keynote national and international faculty demonstrating the very latest innovations and techniques in knee osteotomy surgery.

Day 1 am – Back to basics on osteotomy with an overview of indications, planning and execution of HTO surgery.
Day 1 pm & Day 2 – Complex osteotomy.

Live surgical demonstrations include:

  • How to perform the perfect HTO
  • MIS double level osteotomy
  • Rotational and varising lateral DFO
  • Slope changing osteotomy with biological plating
  • HTO with PSI

Other key areas include:

  • Basic and advanced pre-operative planning
  • Frontal plane, double level and multi level
  • Rotational osteotomy - planning and technique
  • Soft tissue surgery & osteotomy
  • TKA combined with knee osteotomies
  • Intra articular corrections
  • External fixator assisted corrections
  • Complications of osteotomy
  • My worst case?

The GDPR Compliant PACSMail Cloud Clinical Portal will be on display at the conference allowing delegates to store and share MRI and CT scans on-line with colleagues.

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