Wexham Park Cruciate Ligament Meeting Speaker Mr Peter Thompson talks about the benefits of PACSMail Cloud

After his talk entitled “PCL recon - indications and surgical technique (all inside)” meeting sponsor Sybermedica talked to Mr Peter Thompson about the role of imaging in his busy practice.

Mr Thompson is an Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising exclusively in knee surgery and sports injuries of the lower limb. His interests cover all areas of knee surgery from sports injuries to revision knee replacement. He has links with a number of professional sports teams within the UK including premiership rugby.

I have had a PACSMail account since 2015” said Mr Thompson “and have always found it useful for sharing scans with both imaging centres and referring clinicians. Imaging is of ever-growing importance to surgical and rehabilitation planning and the system allows me to get copies of scans quickly no matter where they have been taken. The new PACSMail Cloud has radically enhanced the platform, allowing me to view scans on-line on any device/browser. Also, the whole system is GDPR compliant allowing secure storage of images for review or sharing with colleagues. This has been particularly useful to allow me to deal with professional sports clubs as I can view scans and give advice promptly. It also simplifies appointments with patients who live further away and have their imaging in other hospitals and allows me to run a much more efficient practice that benefits the patients I see.

More about Mr Thompson’s practice:

Mr Thompson’s private practice is based in Warwickshire at the Nuffield and BMI Hospitals and his NHS practice is at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. He consults at the Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital and the BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry and also has private operating lists at both of these hospitals.

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