PACSMail Cloud on-line image viewing, reporting and file storage

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Cloud Viewing

PACSMail Cloud includes a new diagnostic image streaming function which allows you to view, report and store your scans on-line. This is easily accessible on PC, Mac or iPad - using only a browser - and requires no installed software or browser plug-ins.

PACSMail Cloud image streaming of Mailbox files is available as a free add-on to your standard PACSMail account. All existing PACSMail functions remain operational, allowing you to develop your use of PACSMail Cloud in a way that best suits your practice.

Cloud Reporting

Reports can also be done on-line and are sent back in the usual way to the person sending you the images – and, if you have a Message Store or Cloud Archive, they will be added to this automatically.

Cloud Archiving

Cloud Archive allows scans and report copies to be stored for on-line review. If you already have a Message Store this will be automatically be linked to your Cloud Archive, allowing you to retrieve older scans and view these via the Cloud as needed.
Cloud Archive can also be shared between groups of PACSMail users, making it ideal for collaborative file sharing by radiology, sports club and other consulting practices.

Please contact us if you would like more information about adding these new Cloud services to your PACSMail account.