Help Page for PACSMail for iPad


NOTE: The latest version of PACSMail for iPad/iPhone v1.10.2 will run under iOS 10.


How can I install the iPad application?

Go to the App Store and search for PACSMail or click here to view in App Store.

There is no charge for the application.



How can I download my files?

When you log onto PACSMail you will be shown your Mailbox. You can select files and click Download.You will see a progress bar scrolling across the screen for each file that is downloaded. The files will be copied to your Working area where you can view them.

Why are files still in mailbox after download?

They will stay in your mailbox by default so you can download them again later on to your PC or Mac. You can manually delete the mailbox files if you wish or edit your Settings to automatically delete after download.

I can see files in my mailbox but they won't download?

Mailbox files which have a status of 'processing' are not available to download - but they will be once the status changes to 'available'. Click the refresh button at the bottom of the app to update the mailbox status and once the files are available they will download.



How can I view my Dicom files?

You need a Dicom viewer installed on your iPad in order to view the images. For compatible viewers click here

Once installed then clicking Open on the file in Working will provide you with a choice of viewers and you need to select one. The images are then transferred to the chosen viewer. This can take several seconds for large files so you may have to wait.

If I have deleted images from Osirix but I still have the PACSMail file how do I get the images into Osirix again?

If you click Open on the PACSMail Dicom file in Working this will resend the image file to Osirix and the images will open  into Osirix.

How can I view non-Dicom files?

Click the Open button and files will open in an appropriate viewer on your iPad.



Will it work on any iPad?

It will work with iPad2 or the latest iPad or an iPad Air.

PACSMail has been tested with iOS (operating system) versions 5/67/8/9 and the new iOS10.

On your iPad go to Settings -> General -> About -> Version

NOTE 12-OCT-16: The latest version of PACSMail v1.10.1 has been verified as working with the new iOS 10

You may need to rebuild your database after an iOS upgrade. Go to Preferences and choose RebuildDB.

You may need to delete the PACSMail application and reinstall after an iOS upgrade.



How much disk space is PACSMail using on my iPad?

You can check disk space usage for PACSMail and any Dicom viewer software as follows.

On your iPad go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Storage used is shown


Logging In

How do I get a username and password to logon?

You need to register on the PACSMail website for an account. Use your chosen username and password to log in.



How do I edit my preferences?

You need to click on the cog icon next to the Logout button to edit your preferences..

General: Download on Startup

If you would like PACSMail to automatically download all of your mailbox files when you log on to the application then check this box. It will download all files in your mailbox that are not already in your Working folder.

General: Delete Mailbox Items After Download

If you would like PACSMail to delete your mailbox files after they have been downloaded then check this box. Note - this means the files will NOT be available to download again onto your Mac or Windows PC instances of PACSMail.

General: Screenlock

This cannot be disabled. It can be set from 1 to 30 minutes.

On Program Exit: Delete all Data

If this box is checked then when you logout of the application you will be asked if you want to delete all files from your working folder. If you say yes then you will be prompted again to confirm. Note - no mailbox files are deleted, just working.

RebuildDB Button

When you are online this button is available. You can rebuild the database of PACSMail files on your iPad. If you are getting errors on opening some files then this may help to correct the problem or if you have just upgraded to a new version of PACSMail you may need to do this.



How can I upgrade PACSMail?

The upgrades come via the App Store and you'll be notified in the usual way when there is a PACSMail upgrade available.

Will my data be ok if I install an upgrade?

Your data will remain in the app during an upgrade but you may need to rebuild your database (RebuildDB) before you start using the app. See preferences.


Technical Support
Who do I contact for technical support?

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you - let us have a phone number to call you back if it's urgent.

Alternatively please call the Sybermedica office on 01223 421996 and ask for Technical Support.