Ensuring Rapid Access to Remote Diagnostic Advice

PACSMail Cloud in your Sports Organisation

PACSMail is a cloud-based diagnostic imaging network allowing on-line storage and remote review of athlete scans associated information. Connecting your club to the network takes just a few minutes.

Benefits to club clinicians

  • Access to remote expert advice: PACSMail allows you to access advice from remote experts no matter where your team is training or competing. Where needed, reports can be received within minutes of sending the scan, allowing you make informed decisions regarding fitness level or injury management.
  • High quality, informative reporting: the system also allows radiologists to send you reports complete with embedded, annotated images which are automatically saved and indexed alongside the original scan.
  • Create an image 'vault': as well as allowing you to send and receive scans/reports, the system allows you import scans from all CDs, enabling you to develop a complete archive of images of all players. The system also allows to add your own clinical notes and to store these with the scans.
  • Gain immediate access to an established network of referring sites: the on-line directory of PACSMailĀ  practitioners gives details of all published users of the PACSMail network, allowing rapid access to the services of a fast-growing network of specialist sports medical services.

Benefits to the club

  • Improved planning of team resources in the case of injury: the system allows access to remote expert adviceĀ  wherever the team is playing, providing the club with key information to make accurate estimates of return to play times and plan the subsequent rehabilitation process.
  • Improves treatment and rehabilitation: the system allows all club medical personnel to communicate effectively with radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons, allowing early decisions to be taken re the need for further diagnostic tests and providing the medical physiotherapy team with rapid access to diagnostic information.
  • Improved access to images: the system allows the club to keep on-line copies of recent scans (including from CDs). The system also allows you to add clinical notes as needed.
  • Connect directly to the imaging centre of your choice: imaging centres with a PACSMail account can copy scans directly to your PACSMail account at the same time as they are sent to the reporting clinician, eliminating the need for the CD and giving you immediate access to scan results.