Enabling patients and referring doctors to send diagnostic scans for on-line review alongside their clinical notes

PACSMail in Patient Referral Management

With patient care increasingly involving regional multi-disciplinary care teams, the need to move diagnostic images between healthcare providers has never been greater than it is today.

As well as being key to getting an accurate diagnosis, the patient's scan contains vital information which is needed by clinicians who will be involved in treatment and rehabilitation. In cases where a second opinion is needed, sharing the images with the consultant concerned also avoids repeat scans and ensures patients are given the right treatment in the shortest possible timeframe.

Patient Referral Portal

Our Patient Referral Portal technology allows you to enable your patients and referring clinicians to send their case notes and diagnostic images on-line using a simple web-page. The images can then be reviewed on-line by the appropriate specialist or MDT, alongside other attached notes and information.











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