Easy, rapid, on-line transfer and

remote review of diagnostic images.

PACSMail Cloud in your Imaging Department

PACSMail Cloud is a secure network enabling sharing of diagnostic images and associated information between registered network members. Connecting your department to PACSMail is easy and setting up a user account can be done in just a few minutes. You can transfer scans directly from your scanner/PACS or simply from CD if you prefer.

Remote/locum reporting

PACSMail Cloud allows you to send scans for on-line reporting by your sub-specialty radiologists with a copy of the report being sent automatically to the referring clinicians where required.

PACSMail Cloud also gives you access to a wide network of experienced sub-specialty teleradiologists, providing locum or on-going reporting cover as needed.

On-line access for referring clinicians

In addition to enabling you to deliver improved turnaround times to your referring clinicians, PACSMail Cloud also allows you to provide them with on-line access to scans and reports, with these being made available as soon as scanning/reporting are completed.

Transfer of Images

PACSMail Cloud is fully DICOM compliant can be integrated with your local or central PACS. You can use the network to copy images to clients or to transfer them between regional PACS networks as needed.

Portal Upload for CD images

Our Patient Referral Portal technology allows your patients and referring clinicians to upload their diagnostic images from CD using a simple web-page. The images can then be reviewed on-line or transferred on to your local PACS as appropriate.

Connecting your Imaging Centre to the Network



  • To access imaging whenever and wherever it is needed and the ability to share with colleagues for reporting and case discussion has transformed our practice, and I cannot now imagine working without it. It is an excellent product which I highly recommend

    Dr Andrew Dent , Stoke City Head of Medicine
  • The PACSMail network allows us to provide an enhanced level of accessibility to our imaging services, notably in the area of sports and orthopaedic imaging. Our connection to the new PACSMail Cloud service also delivers a zero footprint, mobile reporting platform enabling us to provide fast-turnaround results for even the most urgent situations

    Karen Pattison , Hospital Director
  • We are delighted with the new PACSMail Cloud which allows us to store scans and reports on-line and to access these where and when needed from PC, Mac or iPad with no need for installed software. The new service is well integrated with the tried and tested PACSMail platform, with the added Cloud functionality taking PACSMail on to a whole new level of accessibility

    Dr Roger Hawkes , CMO European Tour Golf
  • We work with a collection of the most highly experienced and respected Consultants. On speaking to them, it became evident very quickly that when it came to choosing imaging transfer software, PACSMail was the most highly recognised, efficient and accessible system available to us as a small to medium size practice. Registration was easy and the way the payment is structured allowed us to minimise the initial outlay

    Kerry ODonnell , Centennial Medical
  • The service allows us to radically improve the speed and efficiency of patient care, with almost immediate access to diagnostic imaging anywhere. This is particularly important when dealing with high-level athletes scanned far afield. This is true telemedicine!

    Professor Len Funk , Shoulder Surgeon
  • The Sybermedica network enables us to report scans remotely from imaging departments who do not have an MSK specialist on-site. A good example of this was the radiology team I led at the 2012 Olympics which used the service to provide fast turnaround diagnostic reporting for athlete injuries that occurred at events taking place outside the main Olympic venue

    Dr Phil O'Connor , Consultant Radiologist
  • Sybermedica is playing a key role in developing and sharing diagnostic best practice in elite sport and I am delighted to be able to contribute to the establishment of a local network here in Spain. I look forward to using the service to develop links with other sports organisations and also with colleagues in other countries

    Dr Mario Padron , Former President European Society of Skeletal Radiologists
  • The Sybermedica system is an ideal way to provide medical advice to sports organisations. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account and I can normally provide advice within an hour of the scan being taken

    Dr Jerry Healy , Consultant Radiologist
  • With PACSMail we can easily store all our diagnostic images in one place on our network, making it much easier to access them whenever required

    Desne Marston , Practice Manager, Harley St ENT
  • Since purchasing PACSMail, we have grown our business by being able to offer a 24/7 diagnostic service for MRI,CT and X ray to regional sports club and associations

    Joanne Roebuck , Claremont Hospital