Easy, rapid, on-line transfer and

remote review of diagnostic images.

PACSMail Cloud in your Imaging Department

PACSMail Cloud is a secure network enabling sharing of diagnostic images and associated information between registered network members. Connecting your department to PACSMail is easy and setting up a user account can be done in just a few minutes. You can transfer scans directly from your scanner/PACS or simply from CD if you prefer.

Remote/locum reporting

PACSMail Cloud allows you to send scans for on-line reporting by your sub-specialty radiologists with a copy of the report being sent automatically to the referring clinicians where required.

PACSMail Cloud also gives you access to a wide network of experienced sub-specialty teleradiologists, providing locum or on-going reporting cover as needed.

On-line access for referring clinicians

In addition to enabling you to deliver improved turnaround times to your referring clinicians, PACSMail Cloud also allows you to provide them with on-line access to scans and reports, with these being made available as soon as scanning/reporting are completed.

Transfer of Images

PACSMail Cloud is fully DICOM compliant can be integrated with your local or central PACS. You can use the network to copy images to clients or to transfer them between regional PACS networks as needed.

Portal Upload for CD images

Our Patient Referral Portal technology allows your patients and referring clinicians to upload their diagnostic images from CD using a simple web-page. The images can then be reviewed on-line or transferred on to your local PACS as appropriate.